As reported earlier there was an article in Monday's edition of Dundee's Evening Telegraph which at the time of writing, I hadn't seen.

I made a brave foray into the centre of Dundee the other day to obtain a copy of it (I don't go into Dundee very often, nothing wrong with Dundee, I love Dundee but I just don't do it).

Bringing it home I started to leaf through it from the front, seeing nothing. Past the centre pages, births, deaths, classifieds, recipes, nothing. Then, just before the sports pages, there it was a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD. Wow. Lorraine Wilson's article features the book, with pictures and pointers to contents but also pays a well deserved and frankly well overdue tribute and evaluation of Gordon's multi talents. It recognises the never-ending dedication, time and effort he has gifted to the Mars project. Much is written about his talent as a musician / songwriter and his acheivements in writing the musical "Heart of Gold". His work with socially disempowered young people through the musical and songwriting workshops  is also highlighted. The feature does not forget Gordon's considerable talent as an artist, his first career. He is a very talented artist and photographer and is now showing his talents as an author.

Well done Lorraine and D.C.'s  

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