We had a request, last week, for Gordon to do some research from Faye & Robert Swindley in Australia.

Robert wrote to us saying:- 

'Martin Arthur is my partners Maternal Great Grandfather. He emigrated, with his family, out here to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1921. We have known for some time that Martin was listed on the Mars in the 1881 Census & that there were admission books somewhere but had not seriously followed it-up so it was a real thrill to recently come across your 'Sons of the Mars' website. We have certainly enjoyed your site & in particular the images & the 'Mars stories' section. I was so impressed that I obtained a copy of Gordon's book & we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Faye has also just recently registered with your 'Forum'.
Many thanks to Gordon for making the research service available to those of us overseas.'
It's good to see that the book and the site are appreciated and that we are providing a service to the relatives of the Mars Boys.
Gordon managed to find the information quickly and I have sent off the information to Faye and Robert.



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