1902 Mr John Mess, Secretary and Treasurer of the Mars (and treasurer of the High School of Dundee), died at the age of 41 on the 17th January.
1902 Captain John (James) Little was in charge of Francis Molison.
1903 Mar 28th Mr Carolan (Irish t. & c.) and Mr Burke (ex p.t.) left on the 18th October.
1903 Mr J.P. Thomson (ex p.t.) joined 21st May, and left on the 10th October.
1903 18th June, death announced of Dundee Mars agent James Heron.
1903 18th June, Mr J. Douglas Shepherd appointed ship's dentist.
1903 Mr C Smith (c.) joined on 31st October, left December 11th.Mr Dolan (Irish t & c) appointed 21st November. Mr Corcoran (Irish t & c) appointed December 9th.
1904 January 28th resignation of Mr Grant, second officer.
1904 16th June, R.J. Thomas resigned as Head Schoolmaster he'd been on ship since 1882.
1904 Mr R.F. Thomas (t & c) left 30th June
1904 1st August, Mr J.H. McBeth (t & c) appointed to replace Mr Dolan (ex p.t.) who left on the 14th October. Mr Foran (ex p.t.) was appointed October 17th 1904.
1905 The rifle instructor was discharged in May 1905 and succeeded by Mr Anderson.
1905 Captain William Guy (Late of the whaler Balaena) successfully recruited as commander of the Francis Molison. (Possibly until February 1914)
1905 Mr Stewart (ex, -p.t.) was appointed 10th July.
1906 September by this time the Mars no longer had tall masts
1906 Mr Burn was promoted to the post of Chief Officer. Mr Burn takes the manual instruction, and when he is ashore Mr Dyke is the executive officer. Mrs Sutherland, the nurse, died in April, (after 17 years service) and was succeeded by Miss Graham. Another nurse, Miss Martin was added to the staff, September 1906.
1906 Captain Scott dispensed with duties of Gymnastics Instructor James Clark.
1906 18th October Mr Spry retires after 25 years of service retiring due to ill health. He dies on the 30th October.
1906 At this time William Guy commander of the brig.
1906 Mr Corcoran left on the 31st Dec 1905 and was succeeded by Mr A. Thomson (3rd class Irish certificate,) 8th January 1906
1907 Resignation of Mr A. Binnie, tailor on board for 17 years.
1907 Mr J.C. Fyfe joins the Mars staff.
1908 Death announced of Dr John Stewart who had been medical officer since its first days in Dundee. Dr T.P. Stewart and Dr Montague Rust take over as joint medical officers.
1909 Mr D. Lindsay takes over from Mr J Douglas Shepherd as dentist. Mr Robert Fulton, ship's clerk and after-care officer, until his retiral in 1928.