1910 William Bowman joins the Mars staff.
1910 Mr Strachan no longer required as Bandmaster after 10 years. (1900?)
1911 At this time band under Mr Edward Nugent, Mr Macbeth, chief schoolmaster. Mr Haines is in charge of metalwork.
1911 At this time Mr Burn is ably assisted by Mr William Bowman, while the metal work is in the charge of Mr Haines. Officers employed during the building of the workshops, Bowman, Stibbles and Beaton. Mr J. Gillespie, instructor died, he had been on the Mars for 18 years. (1893?) Mr Sutherland retires.
1911 Mr Lionel Griffith joins the Mars, he dies during the First World War
1912 The ship won the Dundee and District Juvenile Gymnastic Challenge Shield.
1912 Mr Stables retires.
1913 Capt Superintendent A.L. Scott, Chief Officer Mr R. Burn, Head Schoolmaster Mr J.H. MacBeth, Asst. Schoolmaster Mr L. Griffin, Mr M. Sutcliffe (Art 70), Mr J.C. Fyfe, Dentist Mr D.L. Anderson.
1914 19th Feb, Mr W. Tucker, Seaman Instructor, was getting too old for duty and would retire on 28th February, next.
1914 Retiral of Captain Guy who had been in charge of Francis Molison since 1905.
1919 Mr MacBeth, Chief Schoolmaster, an exception was made for him to go to the front, 'without whose services the work of the institution would have been crippled' I may specially select Mr W. Taylor, Third Officer for mention. He has been in charge of the boats for nearly 20 years and has never had an accident involving loss of life. (A.L. Scott) My friend Mr Burn may be trusted to carry out this sacred duty, and to see that every boy has some part of it allotted to him, however small.
1919 Captain A.L. Scott Resigns due to ill health, on the 24th May, Captain Heathcote takes charge. Alexander Mc Dougall retires as ship's carpenter after 50 years.
1919 March 4th, the tender, Francis Molison was sold.
1919 July 4th, at this time William Taylor, third officer on board.