"We'll Send Ye Tae the Mars" is the fascinating story of how it all happened and how the Mars helped thousands of boys find a new life away from the poverty and crime of nineteenth-century Dundee.

Signed copies of the book are available in Waterstone's (Dundee).

The book can also be bought from Amazon, Borders and other booksellers.


The first stranger to read the book, long before it had been seriously snagged for bloopers, I met, with a good pal of mine in the Phoenix bar in Dundee. She seemed genuinely interested in the project and I saw this as a chance to let someone read the manuscript who didn’t know me, and give an honest opinion.

Here is her reply -



“I am the stranger you met in the pub and gave a copy of your book to. I just finished it last night.

Wow! What a great read. You have written a fascinating, very readable and hugely entertaining history book.

It all fits together very well…

I certainly would love to read more about the boys and how the institution had to change as welfare and penal laws were passed and social conditions developed.

I can truly say that I loved reading this book. I agreed to do it out of solidarity towards another writer but in fact found the task really great fun and hugely stimulating. I am certainly all the better for reading it. So, thank you Gordon…”



“What a story! Gripped throughout. Very visual. Sequences of stories and chapters seems natural and effortless… a tribute to your research and intimacy with Mars. You have crafted a passionate story which has stirred that piece of history from sleep. There must be more!”



“Woke up at 3.30 and have just stopped reading the book cover to cover. Brilliant.”