Music on the Mars

Gordon Douglas has written some songs to accompany the site. He uses these songs when he gives talks at various venues on the history of The Mars

His original conception of theThe Mars story was to present it as a musical. In 2007, Gordon had written a musical "Heart of Gold" which featured young people from Dundee and Glasgow's Red Road Project. The whole event was staged at the Fringe at The Edinburgh Festival to high critical acclaim and was sponsored by The Prince's Trust. HRH and Prince Harry even popped into rehearsals.

The songs featured on the site and whose lyrics can be seen by clicking each link are:-

Save Me From Mehsel

I'd Do It All Again (A song about the 3 Mars Boys who drowned in a boating tragedy)

Mars Hymn

A Mars Boy Is What Eh Am

Audio versions of all the songs are featured at the top of the page.

There was a long history of Music on the Mars, with the Mars Brass Band,
(stories in the book) and also a pipe and drum band. The Mars musicians and choir took part in many concerts throughout Scotland and in England.

Many of the boys became musicians in the British Forces after their discharge.

The picture below from The London Illustrated News, shows Mars Boys singing at Northfleet in 1873.