Let us search for you.

Let us search for you. If you can't make the trip to this beautiful part of the world
and would like myself or one of my associates to do the leg work for you, fill out the
form and wait for our reply. Given a perfect world, I would love to do this for free but
as I've been out of work for six years …well you get the picture.
For a donation of £20 (this research donation helps to cover expenses and keep the project progress) and a Mars boys name and date of birth or admission (if you have it) we will search for
you no matter the amount of information we find. Some boys have much more detailed coverage
than others and if there is any knowledge I have found during my research (prize winners,
Leng medal, swimming competitions etc.,) that will be added to your page as a bonus.
From the time we receive your payment we will hope to get you results within two weeks
providing access to the Mars Books is available.

We will provide you with a downloadable record of the Mars Boy you requested Plus a
downloadable photograph of the entry page in the record.

To order your Research Search - Please Click on the PayPal button below to pay the £20 one time fee.
You don't have to be a PayPal member as you can pay by credit card.

After payment you will be re-directed to a form to Submit your details.