Gordon Douglas

Gordon Douglas,  is a photographer / graphic designer / musician / songwriter / passionate Dundonian, whose kitchen window overlooks the old mooring place of the Mars Training Ship.
"We’ll Send Ye Tae the Mars" began life as a musical as he had co-written a successful show for the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe called "The Heart of Gold".The show featured apart, from Gordon's great songs, young people from Dundee and Glasgow's Redd Road Project, sponsored by The Prince's Trust. Yes, HRH is even seen tapping his toes in BBC footage of a special performance.

After his initial research, Gordon put the proposed musical on hold, determined that the Mars represented an episode in Scottish history that needed to be told in a more in-depth study.
Gordon is already working on his second book, Sons of the Mars, which follows up some of the individual stories he found during his research.

For more about Gordon visit his website The Black Douglas.

Dundee Courier story about the launch of "We'll Send Ye Tae The Mars" in Waterstones November 13 2008.