This article about the Mars appeared in Dundee Evening Telegraph 26/10/2015 :-



Log in sorted

The log in is now working on the site, unfortunately the database is still not functional. Hopefully the problem will be rectified as soon possible.

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Problems with the site

Sorry to anyone who has not been able to access the site. I was unaware that there was a problem but now hopefully I am nearly there with repairing it.

I will have a new message soon from Gordon with an update of where he is with the project.


Christmas Message

Merry Christmas to All Our Visitors

Here's a Christmas message from Gordon

Good news and bad news

Well it’s been yet another packed year in the Mar’s world, during the year I completed my 12th talk on the ship. The audiences have all been fantastic, and I really do mean that! The enthusiasm for the subject has been amazing, many people arriving at the talks with no prior knowledge of the ship, nor of the remarkable stories of the ship’s young boys, were enthralled by the spirit of the lads. The bad news is that I won’t make the Christmas deadline for ‘Sons of the Mars’, this is as disappointing for me as it is for all of you who thought that your Christmas present list was now one less item. But don’t despair, the book will be out by late January, or February, (depending on the ice age weather!) The reasons for the lateness of the publication have been partly due too much absorbing information arriving too late, and as I sit here I’m still waiting for one photograph to complete the book (Monday 13th December.)

In many ways ‘Sons of the Mars’ is simply a follow up to the original, filling in gaps which seem crucial to forming a full picture of the Mars experience; The boys at Elie, Scarlet Fever epidemic, Is it a prison ship argument, what exactly was Cardiff Home, sagas of boys who died in shipwrecks – the Maju, Trinacria and others, plus the sensational trial and execution of an ex Mars boy for the murder of a Sepoy in Calcutta. We also have success stories and pictures of boys after their days aboard, such as Dundonian, Thomas Cosgrove who was awarded the Polar Medal as part of the crew of the Terra Nova who effected the rescue of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and the Discovery. Read about the adventures of a young Glaswegian Mars boy, Felix McCann whose story is related from a jail in Berlin in the early days of the First World War. We examine the bravery of the boys under fire in various wars and we publish for the first time the full list of Mars boys who fell during the Great War.

As I am having to publish the second book myself, the first print will be limited in number, as I would have to move into the shed in the garden if the whole 1,000 copies arrived at once. I will speak to John and see if we can do orders from the site and send them out. To let you know it will be the same size and similar quality to the first book, will have more pages and will be the same price.

The good news - Speaking of John, who runs the website, (sonsofthemars.com) he did a check on the amount of hits on the website since 2008 and we are just approaching the 2 million mark! Many thanks to all of you who have visited the site and have given us the encouragement by email, text and letter, it demonstrates that the spirit of the Mars boys is still alive and kicking.

Once again sorry about Christmas, I really tried.


Gordon Douglas

Email gord18@btinternet.com


Updating the Site

At the moment I am updating several sections of the site ahead of the publication of Gordon's new book "Sons of the Mars".

I am updating the photo galleries and have put a new MP3 player on the Mars Music page to play Gordon's Mars songs, which are now all there to listen to.

I am also intending to introduce a point of sale on the site for both books.

Gordon is still busy writing , undertaking several projects simultaeneously. More on these soon.

Gordon's Mars talk at Cupar went very well and he will be undertaking more talks in the near future.

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Mars talk at Cupar

Gordon is all set to give a talk on the Mars  on Monday 27th September at Cupar Heritage.

If you live in the vicinity, please come along.

The publication of Gordon's second Mars book is in sight and hopefully should be out before the end of the year.

We received  two photographs from Leonie Clunie which will be added to the site.


Mars in Family History magazine

Family History magazine have an article about Gordon and the Mars in its' September edition.

I was sent a copy of the magazine today as promised by Leonie Tancred who is Assistant Editor of the magazine. It's the first time I have seen the magazine and it contains many interesting articles and genealogy links and well worth buying or better still subscibing to it.

Family History Magazine.


Two New Pictures

I have uploaded two recent pictures of Gordon at the Mars Boys Memorial in Wormit.

Unfortunately we are still experiencing problems with the site following moving it tw another server and the thumbnails do not appear.

They are both placed in The Mars Gallery and the titles are visible.

Once I get everything functioning properly again, I am going to revamp the picture galleries.



Press Release

I wrote and distributed a press release last week regarding Gordon's search for boys who had been on the Mars. Following on from that we have had a very positive response both online and in new members joining the site.

I have also made inquires regarding obtaining funding to allow us to be able to complete the online database, the completion of which we feel would be a major, online research facility for genealogists.

I will keep you updated on any developments.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 July 2010 11:38 )


Widening the Net

I met Gordon for a chat yesterday and we are encouraged by new members joining the site and making enquiries about former Mars boys.

Gordon has had a few new requests to give talks about the Mars and we feel that this helps to raise awareness of the work done by the Mars.

We are aware that the site has not reached areas where descendants of Mars boys may be living. Gordon hopes to widen the net, he is also looking for material to include in the new book "Sons of the Mars". Although the book is more or less complete, he would still be open to any new material which may come to light.

We have decided to try to bring awareness of the site to newspapes in, for example, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. With 6,500 boys having served on the Mars there must be more descendants who are quite oblivious to the site.

We are also looking at ways to enable us to expand, and indeed, complete the online Mars database. This would be a major acheivement and a very important geanalogical resource  not just for Scotland but worldwide.

I have also decided to abandon the Mars Forum. All comments can now be made on this Blog page.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 July 2010 05:25 )


Research Donations

Following moving the contents of the website, we had reports of the PayPal donations button and submissions for research requests had not been functioning properly.

Hopefully now the problem has been sorted out.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 July 2010 10:00 )


Stories Wanted

Gordon has almost completed his follow up book to "We'll Send Ye Tae the Mars", and asked me to contact members of the site to ask if they they have any information about ex-Mars Boys which they would like to submit  for inclusion.

There is also a strong possibility that the Mars may be the subject of a documentary and similarly Gordon is asking for contributions from people who may have stories to tell. The new book "Sons of the Mars" will be available soon. I am sending out emails to all our members to ask if they would be happy with an ebook version due to ever prohibitive publishing costs.


Still some problems

Sorry that we are still having a few problems with the site. We are now having to manually approved new members, due to the previous hacking attempts.

Also there are a few links not behaving as normal eg. the songs and a few pictures here and there as I have  moved the whole site to another server and am trying to rectify the situation a bit at a time.

Hopefully all will be well soon.

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Up and running again

After a few months of the site being up and down like the proverbial yoyo, I hope we are now ready to get back into business.

We have had hacking issues plus technical issues caused by our servers maintenance.

Gordon's got a lot of new material to put on the site plus the new book "Sons of the Mars" should be appearing shortly.

Let's hope we have a relatively trouble-free time from now.


PS. I had to reset the site a few months back but there's not much missing.

Check out our new site www.rootsmon.net for Scottish social networking a la Facebook. You can login using your Facebook login.

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