Sorry, problems with computer

I've had a complete computer breakdown, two not working, since last Saturday.

Many apologies to everyone who has been trying to contact the site via email.

It's all working again, crossed fingers.

John (Admin)


Lots happening this week

It has been a really good week for the site.

You may notice that we have a revamped front page courtesy of Dundee City Council allowing us to use official photographs on the site.

So a BIG Thanks to

We have also gained a few new members, new information, new photographs (posted on the site).

Some emails  which offer us new promotional opportunities. An email about the missing Mars figurehead - more on this tomorrow.

A fantastic email tonight about a father and son who both served on the Mars - more on this as well.

Keep checking the site for updates.

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Restructuring of the Site

At the moment I am restructuring the site to make the main menu a little bit smaller.

This will continue over the next few days. Nothing has been removed but are  under different headings eg.

The Arctic story is under the new Blyth Hall category, The Duntrune is in a new Maritime category under Rare Dundee Stories and A Grave Tale & Christmas on the Mars are under Mars Stories .

Sorry for any inconvenience but the changes will make the site more strealined.



Burns Anniversary

In the year of The 250th Anniversary of Robert Burn's birth, the Homecoming Year, we've decided to include some unusual Burns stories which Gordon found while searching for more Mars Training ship material. Read our celebrations of the Bard Here.

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New Information from site visitors

Over the past few days we have had great new information sent to us by visitors to the site which will be posted in the next few days.

Receiving information makes the site really worthwhile and welcome anyone with information to post it on the site or send it to us.


Sherlock Holmes creator

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and are gearing up for 2009.

We've just added three new Dundee stories.

The first is a report on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Armistead Lecture in Dundee's Kinnaird Hall.

Secondly, a rather chilling story from the Courier centering on a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War.

The third story is a bizarre if not sad tale of the Dundee Elephant.

Have a good New Year and best wishes from Sons of the Mars for the coming year.


Mars Boys at Dens Park

At the moment we are negotiating a short film of Boys from the Mars taking part in a gymnastics display at Dens Park (Gordon would say the "Mighty Dens Park, scene of famous European and domestic excellent football". I only say Dens Park because I'm from the other side of the Great Divide. Shame about Lochee United tonight, but they have done Lochee and dormitory town Dundee proud.)

We had an exciting email at the weekend from who have an audio recording of an ex-Mars boy recounting his time aboard the ship and possibly more material.

We will keep you updated when information arrives.

If you have any information or photographs of relatives on the Mars, please send them to us for inclusion on the site.


New Mars Stories added to site.

There are a number of new stories added to the Mars Stories section of the site. Quite a number relate to the 20th century years. Including a fantastic story about a boy from Dundee who stole a horse and cart.

Gordon to be signing books in Edinburgh

 Gordon at the book launch at Waterstones in Dundee.



Gordon is off to Edinburgh tomorrow for two days to sign copies of the book at Waterstones in Edinburgh.

Some more Scottish press articles may be in the pipeline also. Look out for them.

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Christmas on the Mars

Great new article on website.

It's a report about Christmas aboard the ship in 1924.

Also a Buffalo Bill poster from the Courier.

We're having a lot of email enquiries and information for the site and will be adding many of the details soon.

There are also quite a few new photographs on the gallery and throughout the site. 


Stories about the Taybridge Disaster

New articles on the site this weekend :- A new section in Rare Dundee Stories about the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster in December 1879 including a murder mystery. There is also an article about the Edison Phonograph in Dundee.

More Mars Stories still to be added plus a section called Mars Boys A-Z.

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Sons of the Mars in St Andrews "Citizen"

Article about Gordon, "We'll Send Ye Tae The Mars" and the Sons of the Mars website in the St. Andrew's Citizen today.

Lots of new stuff to appear on the site in the next few days, more Mars Boys' stories, the Edison Phonograph in Dundee and .......

the Great Tay Bridge Disaster Murder Mystery !



New Members and Book Sales update

It's great to see a number of new members joining the site over the past few days.

We never believed that we would gain a MILLION members overnight but gradually build up a membership and community.

The next few weeks should hopefully see some new photographs and information about former Mars Boys.

Gordon was in the local Borders shop and reports great sales of the book. Hopefully it will be a bumper month for sales.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 December 2008 19:40 )


New Contacts

Over the past few of days, we have had contact from relatives of former Mars Boys offering more information about their Dad, Granda, Great Grandad, Uncle, Great Uncle, pal's Grandad etc. The Sons of the Mars website is a quest to find out what happened to the boys who served on the ship and to build a historic document dedicated to them. So, Please, if you have information, photographs, etc. , forward them to us for inclusion on the website. I have will add to the Site Instructions, a paragraph regarding submitting photographs.

Also it would be really helpful, for comments you have to be added to the blog or forum. Let us know what you think.

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