Muybridge Armistead Lectures

New material posted on the site includes an Armistead Lecture by Eadweard J. Muybridge. who was an English photographer, known primarily for his early use of multiple cameras to capture motion, and his zoopraxiscope, a device for projecting motion pictures that pre-dated the celluloid film strip that is still used today. Much of his work was carried out in America where he lectured at various universities. At the time of the Lecture he was at the University of Pennsylvania. More on Muybridge.

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Sons of the Mars Links

Sons of the Mars has now established a linking service, allowing other sites to submit links to us for display on our web links page .

There are a number of pre-written banners and text links which can be copied and pasted to provide links back to the Sons of the Mars site.

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Now it's ... Oscar Wilde in Dundee

Added last night - the story of Oscar Wilde in Dundee . Fantastic commentary on Wilde's visit to America.

Read on to revel in the great man's wit and perception.

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New Links Appearing for Site

Every day we are being linked to new sites and this should eventually lead to an increased membership of the site.

There are some other exciting new developments, in the first months of the New Year.

Saw Gordon yesterday, and, as usual,there is new material for the site which should be on by tonight.

Also new names are about to be entered on the database taking our database to around 3500 names with only 3000 to go - only 3000!

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New Articles at Mars Stories

There are some new great stories and newspaper reports uploaded on the Mars Stories Section

There are entries as late as 1929, the year the ship was scrapped.


Sorry to visitors who cannot find details

We must apoligise to all visitors who, at the moment cannot find a record of who they are searching for.

As there were over 6,500 boys who served on the ship, at the moment we have around 2,700 names on the database. Gordon has manfully been entering the names singlehandedly as well as writing a follow up book, doing book signing sessions and further research for everyone's benefit.

Eventually all the boys who were on the Mars will be searchable from the site, so don't lose heart and keep visiting.


New Mars Boy added to the Mars Boys Gallery

We had a letter yesterday from Nan Wilson from Leith containg a photograph of her Dad, John Lonie from Edinburgh who served on the Mars.

Nan has supplied a great deal of information which will be added to the site over the weekend.

Thanks very much Nan. Also a big thanks to Len Costello from Polmont for the photographs and information about his Great Uncle "Jock" Costagliola.

C'mon folks, keep the information coming. Help us build a truly unique website.

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Dickens and McGonagall join The Mars !

Articles on Charles Dickens's visit to Dundee and William Topaz McGonagall have been added to the site under the Main Menu "Rare Dundee Stories".

You may have noticed that a quote from McGonagall's poem "An Address To The New Tay Bridge",  now graces the No 1 spot on the site, due to his Mars Boys reference. More to come.

I'm not sure who is next Oscar Wilde or maybe .... Buffalo Bill ?  Who knows ?  Gordy just keeps churning them out.


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Gordon signs more books at Borders

Gordon Douglas was signing more copies of "We'll Send Ye Tae The Mars" at Borders Dundee shop on Tuesday.

Look out he may down your your way soon.

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Information about Mars Boys

A number of emails have been received by the site offering information about former Mars Boys. This is exactly what we are looking for and welcome any information sent to us and photographs for the Mars Boys Gallery.

Book Launch at Waterstone's

Gordon and Rob perform at the book launch

Tonight saw the launch of the book "We'll Send Ye Tae The Mars" at Waterstone's booksellers shop in Commercial Street, Dundee.

Gordon gave a talk about the book to a backdrop of photographs from the book and the site.

After the talk, he  played and sang two of the Mars songs, "The Mars Hymn" and "Save Me Fae Mehsel'", accompanied by his son Rob on electric guitar.

A question and answer session followed,  finally, by a book signing session. The launch was very well supported and quite a number of people walked out with multiple copies of the book. Gordon related such great Mars stories, like the one about the Mars Band, I'll just let you read it in the book.

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Mars Boys Gallery

The Mars Boys Gallery is now online.
This is the site area where users can upload pictures of relatives who served on the Mars.
Upload a photograph and a description of a former Mars Boy and share them with other users.

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Website Launched

The website has finally gone public, there may be an initial glitch or two. If you find anything, please email us. You will find a Contact Us at the bottom of the main menu.

We have had an amazing amount of hits already, a number of people have joined the site and we have had contact emails with details of Mars Boys. We hope to start a Mars Boys Gallery very soon.Any photographs and biographies of your Mars Boy(s) will be most welcome.

Also we will be uploading audio file of Gordon's Mars songs in the very near future. So keep posted.

Hope you all saw Gordon's interview on BBC Scotland yesterday. There's a link to this also on the Main Menu.


Book Launch

The book "We'll Send Ye Tae The Mars"  by Gordon Douglas (Black & White Publishing) is to be published on Thursday November 13th 2008.

There is a book launch at Waterstone's, 35 Commercial  Street, Dundee, DD1 3DG, where Gordon will be talking about the book, signing copies and performing some of the songs he has written about The Mars.

Signed copies of the book will be avilable in Waterstone's (Dundee).

The book is also available from Amazon, Borders and other bookshops.

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