1920 Instructor, William Bowman leaves the Mars.
1920 At this time Mr Fyfe was choirmaster.
1922 Death of Mr Stables who had retired 10 years ago who had served on the Mars for 35 years.
1923 June, Mr Stovin, Superintendent retired after 49 years service. Ship's Band, his role in Cardiff taken over by Mr Bellingham. At this time, band under tuition of the late (sic) Mr Pallant, who died in February after a sudden illness. He was replaced by ex-bandmaster of RNVR Mr Fraser. Mr Beaton and Mr Taylor have attained well-earned promotion after long and faithful service. Mr Cameron Chief Schoolmaster.
1928 Death of A.L. Scott.
1928 Retiral of Robert Fulton, after-care officer of the Mars.
1929 The end of the Mars